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Annasaheb Balasaheb Chakote English School

It gives us an immense pleasure to share some memorable moments of our school for it's about the successful journey and the record by my students and my team members. Before I Proceed further I would like to take you back 5 years ago it was on 18th March 2012 when our chairman Hon. Annasaheb Balasaheb Chakote came with an idea of establishment a school for the children who belong to the rural and either can't travel for long distance or can't pay the high amount of fees. The dream took a flight on 12th June 2012 when the school started with 125 students, a Principal, 3 teachers and a clerk.

Today we have more than 900 students, 46 Teachers and 16 Non-teaching Staff, it's not a miracle but it's effort and fame of our beloved chairman sir and his family and teaching and non teaching staff.

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Mr. Annasaheb Chakote - Chairman

From Chairman's Desk..!!

Mr. Annasaheb Chakote


We believe success can be achieved with strong will power, persistence, hard work, confidence, dedication and quality work, with this belief today we have laid down the concept of "BAKERY INDUSTRY" derived from a small baking business, with the concept 'CHAKOTE GROUP' is well known in the Indian Food Division which has been noticed by everyone.

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