"Making Your Child’s World Better"


Pre – Primary:

As we all know that maximum brain development happens from birth to 8 years, keeping this in mind our preschool runs and caters for the overall development of the child. Keeping the child in the centre we cater to the holistic development of each individual.

We planned to give them right experiences / opportunities at right time so that appropriate milestones are achieved in an interesting way.

Whole Day Program:

What would my child do on any given day in ABC School?

This is what a typical day in ABC School looks like. Children walk into the class and keep their bags and water bottles in place. They are greeted by the class teacher. Thereafter, they place their diaries on the teacher’s table. After the prayer they settle down in the activity room for circle time. We plan the day in the following way.

  • Circle time – To set up the tone of the class - Various issues related to the class are tackled
  • Language time – To develop reading / writing and communication skills
  • Math time – To develop numerical skills through logical thinking, differentiation, sorting and analytical thinking
  • Lunch time – Children are trained about eating habits and table manners.
  • Activity time – This time is used to enhance the gross and fine motor skills, social skills and creativity.
  • Rhyme time – To enhance the child’s communication and vocabulary skills


Primary school is the place where students get to further enhance their curiosity and creativity, while gaining confidence. Our primary curriculum includes languages, mathematics, science and social studies, punctuated by arts, physical education and computers. Experiential learning is actively pursued.


The focus of middle school curriculum is to connect the theory with practice. The curriculum includes languages, mathematics, science and social studies, along with arts, physical education and computers. We provide opportunities for leadership and service to develop a sense of responsibility and care for our extended community.

Celebration Incharges 2019-20
Days Date
School Foundation Day 12/6/2019 Principal Sir ,Nafisa Patel
Fathers Day 15/06/2019 Minaz Chaus, Pratibha Jarali, Sangeeta Chougule, Pavitra Naik
International Yoga day 21/06/2019 Jayashree, Desai Sir, Nafisa Patel
Shahu Jayanti 26/06/2019 Mujawar, Tejal Sadekar, Fulrani More, Pratibha
Ashadhi Ekadashi 12/07/2019 Reshma Desai, Sujata Bastawade, Rohini Patil, Vidya Patil
Guru Pournima 16/07/2019 Amruta Chougule, Sangeeta Chougule, Rupali, Akshata Diwan, Kirti Nakate
Lokmanya Tilak Jayanti 23/07/2019 -
Lokmanya Tilak Death Anniversary 01/08/2019 Madhura bage, Arihant Chougule, Seema nandre, Shital Swami
Independence Day 15/08/2019 Desai sir, Jayashree Sutar, Imran Momin, S.K. Chougule, Pradip Rathod
English Day 17/08/2019 All English Teachers
Gokulashtami 23/08/2019 Sports Teacher, 4 House Masters & all house Teacher
Nantional Sports Day 29/08/2019 Sports Teacher
Teachers Day 05/09/2019 Meena Kuge, Sawant Mam, Kausar Hangad, Fulrani More
Gouri Poojan 05/09/2019 Vaishali Patil, Vidya Patil , Gayatri Pawar , Poonam Bhojane
Hindi day 14/09/2019 All Hindi Teachers
Karmveer Bhaurao Patil Jayanti 22/09/2019 Sachin sir, Imran Momin, Priyanka Magdum
Children's Day 14/11/2019 Smita Ghorpade, Swapnali Patil, (U.KG) Sheela Nikam
Savitribai Phule Jayanti 03/01/2020 Madhura bage, savita nalwade Kirti nakate, Reshma Desai
Swami Vivekanand Jayanti 12/01/2020 Sawant Mam, Poonam Bhojane, Swapnali Patil, ( EVS )
Makar Sankrant 15/01/2020 Shital Swami, Tejal Sadekar, Reshma Desai, Kirti Nakate
Netaji Subhashchandra Bose Jayanti 23/01/2020 Mrunal Mullani, Swapnali Patil ( EVS ), Riya Sambhushete, Meena Kuge
Republic Day 26/01/2020 All Gents Teacher
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti 19/02/2020 Office Staff
Marathi Rajyabhasha Din 25/02/2020 All Marathi Teacher
National Science Day and Science Exbhition 28/02/2020 All Science Teacher
International Womens Day 08/03/2020 Vaishali Patil, Savita Patil , Sheela, Shital Swami, Kausar, Swapnali ( U.KG)
World Water Resource Day 22/03/2020 House Masters & Teachers
Dr. B. R. Ambetkar Jayanti 14/04/2020 Office Staff
Workers Day, Maharashtra Day And Result Day 01/05/2020 Sports Teacher & all Gents Teacher
School Fees Sructure
Sr. No. Class Fees
1 I 12800
2 II 13600
3 III 13600
4 IV 13600
5 V 14400
6 VI 14400
7 VII 14400
8 VIII 15200
9 IX 19000
10 X 20000